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Gladen ONE 60.8 DSP

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DC-DC converter typology Power supply voltage Unregulated – Push Pull 10 - 16V Overall efficiency Internal fuse Autosense power-on (High Level only) 2 x 40A OFF-BTL-SE >60% REM output 10 - 16V (100mA) Stereo Power @ 4Ω 60W x 8 OUTPUT POWER RMS Stereo Power @ 2Ω 85W x 8 Bridge Power @ 4Ω 60W x 4 + 170W x 2 (bridged) CONNECTIONS POWER SUPPLY Low level input High level input RCA RCA Low level + High level input sensitivity range Auto-Fading between inputs Signal Mix capability Gain level for each channel Parametric equalizer bands (Ch 1-2) 0.8 ÷ 17V yes yes -115 ÷ 6dB 30 4 available SIGNAL INPUT DSP FEATURES Parametric equalizer bands (Ch 3-4) 25 Parametric equalizer bands (Ch 5-6-7-8) 9 Preset 10 ÷ 20000Hz HP & LP filter slope for each cell 6-12dB Band pass allowed Variable «Q» factor 0.5 ÷ 40 Time delay 0 ÷ 15ms (steps of 0.02ms) LP frequency range for each channel Phase inversion for each channel 0/180° HP & LP filter slope if cascated (Ch 5-8) up to 48dB Dimensions Weight Color Finishing 300x200x50mm 2.6Kg Black Powder coating APPEARANCE Pre output RCA (Ch 7-8) DSP processed PC Connection Remote control (optional) USB Modular jack Bluetooth (optional) MOS_BTM C